Interesting Facts Why and When Do Dogs Shed?

But why do dogs shed?

Only during the growth phase, the anagen phase, is it supplied with vital nutrients and grows and thrives. This is followed by the catagen phase, in which the hair has reached its genetically determined length. Hair growth is stopped. In the telogen phase, also called the resting phase, the hair is no longer nourished, but is still firmly anchored in the follicle - before finally the exogenous phase follows: the hair falls out. The amount of fur that comes off the four-legged friend every day depends on the breed: a short-haired dachshund, for example, has less hair than a Newfoundland dog. You can use this hair dryer for your dog!!

Always dressed perfectly

But almost all dogs have one thing in common: Twice a year, once in spring, once in autumn, they change their fur and shed a lot of hair during this time. In principle, an intelligent, biological automatism. Because by renewing their fur, the dogs always "dress" appropriately for the season. While the thinner summer fur is the ideal companion in spring and summer at high temperatures, the particularly dense undercoat has a downright warming effect that protects our four-legged friends from the cold in autumn and winter.

During the time of the change of fur it is said: brush, brush, brush! The skin is well supplied with blood, the old fur can loosen more easily. A great support for the dog! By the way: The number of hair remains the same all year round, only the hair structure and sometimes also the color adapts to the respective weather. However, it can be observed that older animals often shed more hair than young ones, neutered more than uncastrated ones, and bitches lose a lot of fur, especially before they are in heat. And just like us humans, Bello & Co. can also react to stressful situations with higher hair loss.

Dogs for allergy sufferers

But even dog hair allergy sufferers do not have to do without their beloved four-legged friend , because there are dog breeds that do not or only little hair . These include, for example, many types of terrier, schnauzer and poodle. Bo, probably the most famous dog in the world: the four-legged friend of the 44th President of the United States, Barack Obama, a Portuguese water dog, belongs to the breed of non-haired dogs. A regular visit to the hairdresser is mandatory for all of them, so that they do not have to suffer from full hair, especially in summer.

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